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Nurturing Growth, Maximizing Potential

Teen/Young Adult

Teens: Baby Steps Into Adulthood

Baby Steps to Adulthood packages offer a multi-faceted, customized service designed to support young adults in building skills and confidence to move forward in areas of life where they may currently feel “stuck” or overwhelmed. This cost-effective alternative to traditional psychotherapy appointments provides a combination of assessment services, parent support, connection with community resources, and a personalized plan of action with small, clearly defined steps that can lead to a sense of success. Through our specialized Baby Steps to Adulthood packages we may include some of the following components, as appropriate to your specific needs:

  • Assess & identify treatment needs
  • Assist parents and/or the young adult in learning tools and skills for managing specific challenges effectively
  • Provide a treatment plan for home-based intervention
  • Make recommendations for educational or vocational programming
  • Develop strategies for managing difficult emotions, such as anxiety, one step at a time
  • Provide resources to enable the young adult to continue learning skills independently, using support system efficiently
  • Suggest new community resources, or improved use of existing resources
  • Identify specific goals, work on increasing motivation for success, break down each goal into small, manageable steps that can easily be mastered, and recognize successful moments
  • Expand social connections and improve the quality and health of relationships
  • Identify a “niche” for occupational, academic, and/or social success
  • Address personal safety, money management, appropriate communication, problem solving, and other critical skills for independence
  • Other goals and/or services, to be determined at intake