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Nurturing Growth, Maximizing Potential

Nurturing Growth, Maximizing Potential

There are no road maps for raising some children. If you have a son or a daughter with autism or another challenging developmental disorder, you already know that many of the usual rules don’t apply. You’re likely feeling doubtful, overwhelmed and more than a little worried about your child’s future and your own abilities as a parent.

Here’s where we can help. My name is Carrie Sheppard. I’m a licensed mental health counselor with 25 years of experience working with children and families. I’m also the parent of two boys with diagnosed neuro-developmental disorders.

I’ve built my practice not only through my education and expertise, but also around my experiences both as a counselor and as a parent. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Since 1985, I’ve helped countless families, educators and health care professionals – locally, nationally and even internationally. In addition to helping families one-to-one, I share my knowledge and expertise worldwide as an accomplished trainer and speaker.

Through a range of services, including Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), I help parents break down the big picture into smaller, more manageable steps – a custom road map, if you will – that nurtures growth and maximizes potential, now and for a lifetime.

Distance Consulting

We make consulting at a distance easy and effective. A significant portion of my practice is working with families, professionals and groups, including agencies and schools, nationally and internationally via technology and the internet as well as travel. Distance consulting is available to those clients located outside the Puget Sound area.