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Nurturing Growth, Maximizing Potential

MindSource Center

A caring team of sole practitioners

I founded MindSource Center in 2005 with the vision of serving families whose lives have been touched by autism spectrum disorders and other developmental challenges. When we started, our team numbered two therapists, our wait list rapidly grew, and we attracted individuals with increasingly complex histories of being underserved, misunderstood, and often misdiagnosed. I’m now one of six associates serving more than 150 families a year, and providing educational and group services to many more. Our mental health counselors and therapists offer a wide range of counseling, evaluation and training services to address a variety of social, emotional and developmental needs. We specialize in serving those impacted by autism spectrum disorders, learning and neurodevelopmental challenges. We believe in supporting all family members and taking into account the whole person–that is, placing importance on all matters impacting health and well-being. Visit our MindSource Center website to learn more.