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Nurturing Growth, Maximizing Potential


Since working with Carrie, I have become more patient and understanding of our son’s condition. We have a completely different perspective about autism. It is only a beginning of our journey, but our son has become more communicative and confident.
HN, Parent of a child with Autism, Issaquah, WA

Wow. How encouraging it is to see the gains we have made from prior assessments. This is a tremendous relief and encouragement – that growth and development is tangible and ongoing.
SR, Mother of a child with HFA, using RDI, Seattle, WA

Carrie has taught and helped us to understand our child’s challenging behaviors in a very unconditional way. We will always be grateful to her for this.
RMSN, parents of a child with ASD, Olympia, WA

Carrie has been very helpful in helping us with strategies to help our daughter, and helping our daughter deal with some of the complexities of the social scene. I like the fact that she really understands the situation quickly and has practical solutions and suggestions.
Parent of a teen with HFA, Bellevue, WA

Carrie is so open to hearing parents share aspects of their faith as a resource in their child’s journey in overcoming developmental challenges. This was very inspirational and affirming for our family.
RMSN, parents of a child with ASD, Olympia, WA

Carrie has been very affirming in working with our family and has shared her wisdom and experience in a way that never feels judgmental.
KB, attorney, WA

Carrie was professional, very kind and gentle, and obviously enjoys her job.

Having Carrie come and observe our son’s preschool class and his activities, then provide suggestions to staff and care givers, helped our son become less anxious and more engaged with other children.
HN, Parent of a child with Autism, Issaquah, WA

Carrie was great. She is very insightful, and it was interesting having her RDI as well as her psychotherapy take on things. She made a lot of our child’s behaviors make sense, and we were able to see our daughter in a very different light.

Her recommendations exceeded my expectations in their thoroughness and their originality. With great insight, Carrie has steered us toward more successful interactions. My daughter has made great progress in many areas of her life since starting RDI.
AS, graduate student, BC, Canada

Carrie is calm, reassuring, and knowledgeable. She recognized the differing gifts and strengths my husband and I have and provided separate ideas for us to incorporate into our everyday lives with our son.
MM, special education teacher, parent of a boy with Asperger’s, WA

I appreciated the information provided about the neurological processes taking place in my daughter’s mind. Knowing what is happening on a scientific level helps us as parents more accurately address the challenges.
Class workshop participant

Having Carrie at school meetings helps on several levels: first, it confirms my instincts about my daughter’s academic needs; second, it is helpful to have a presence “in my court” in a room full of school staff, and thirdly (and most importantly), Carrie’s insights help to educate school staff on the true nature of my daughter’s difficulties so that they may adequately address them.
RG, Parent

I’ve recommended Carrie to friends and families I work with.
MM, special education teacher, WA