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Nurturing Growth, Maximizing Potential

Understanding Autism

I have been a child and family therapist longer than I’ve been a parent, but my real understanding of autism started with my own two boys.

In my personal search for solutions, I discovered RDI, a family-centered treatment program developed by Psychologist Steven Gutstein and his wife, Dr. Rachelle Sheely. RDI supports parents in building closer, more connected relationships with their children.

Based on more than two decades of research, RDI goes beyond other treatments by empowering parents, honoring family routines and lifestyles, and focusing on the “real world” thinking, learning and social skills children, teens and adults need to be happy and successful in life.

I’ve seen remarkable results with RDI, both in my own boys and the people I’ve helped treat. Parents go from grief to relief, from frustration to competence. Children who start out clearly on the autism spectrum become engaging, connected people, capable of relating and learning on a whole new level.