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Relationship Development Intervention® Forms

What is an RDI Home Program? Free Information Packet

Getting Started With RDI: First Visit Intake Packet

RDI Program Options: If I choose you as my RDI Consultant, what is our commitment?

RDI Policies & Contract: the details

Parent/Child Consultation Packages

Brief Consultations: Free Information Packet

Brief Consultation: First Visit Intake Packet

Parent/Child Brief Consultation Information & Options

Teen/Young Adult Consultation Packages

Baby Steps Into Adulthood: Free Information Packet

Teen/Young Adult First Visit Intake Packet

Teen/Young Adult Consultation Information & Options

Adult Services (26 and older)

Adult First Visit Intake Packet

Adult Consultation Information & Options

Distance Consulting for Families/International Services

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI):

Information on RDI-Distance Consulting/International Version

Brief Consultations with Follow-up Distance Consulting

Information on Parent/Child Brief Consultation-Distance Consulting/International Version

Additional Forms

Health Information Release

Video Authorization Release

Office Policy Statement

My Resume


Individual psychotherapy (50 minutes)


Initial diagnostic session (55 minutes)


RDI services, per hour

$150 per hour

Extended psychotherapy session (75 minutes)


Late cancellation/missed appointment fee


Returned check fee



Most private health insurance plans are accepted and will cover portions of my services. For your convenience, we will bill your primary insurance; however, please check with your carrier to be certain of the provisions of your policy, including deductibles and co-pays, as you will be held responsible for any costs not covered by your plan. It is up to you to obtain any mental health pre-authorizations (if required by your plan) prior to your first visit. We accept MasterCard and Visa.