RDI® In Your Home

First of all, there are no therapists. You, as the parent, get all the training and tools you need to develop your child’s potential. It starts with parent training, a combination of e-learning, hands-on practice, and videotaping in your home with feedback from your RDI consultant to guide your progress. After you complete training, your RDI consultant will assess your child and design a program that fits his/her needs as well as your family’s.

The step-by-step program starts by building on your child’s natural motivations, such as a natural desire to learn and participate in challenging activities. This ensures that new learning will extend to different settings and situations. You provide your child with opportunities during the day to use her mind productively, think and solve problems, read and respond to social cues, and recognize and repair communication failures.

Your subscription to the RDI online-earning system connects you with your RDI consultant, the RDI parent community, ongoing learning tools and opportunities to view RDI video footage. (Videotaping is essential to evaluating and sharing your progress with your consultant for feedback.) As your skills grow, your RDI consultant will play less of a role and you’ll eventually be able to do the program independently.