After training comes the Parent-Child Assessment, which is used to develop your specially tailored plan with goals designed to meet your child’s needs. Ongoing feedback keeps your program effective.

How much time will I need to devote to practicing RDI at home?

This will vary and be determined by your RDI® consultant, however, in the beginning you can expect to devote at least several hours a week to e-learning, completing assignments your consultant designs for you, and applying RDI concepts directly with your child. You will be shown tools for communicating effectively, inspiring curiosity, promoting problem-solving and flexible thinking, and reaching other important goals. As you become more familiar with these tools, you will find yourself using them effortlessly throughout your day, rather than having to schedule “RDI time.”

Is my child too high functioning or too low functioning to benefit from RDI®?

Individuals of any level can benefit from RDI®, regardless of IQ, diagnosis, or language skills. The RDI program addresses core deficits and is tailored to fit the individual’s needs.

What about children who are non-verbal?

RDI is highly effective with children who are non-verbal.

What ages do you work with?

I work with all ages, from toddlers to adults.

What about diagnoses other than autism?

The RDI program addresses core deficits, and is appropriate for a wide range of diagnoses that affect development, including ADHD, learning disorders and other related neurodevelopmental delays.

Do I need to use an RDI® consultant?

The RDI consultant is the most important tool in the RDI home program. The consultant matches the family’s needs with the “just-right” level of challenge, and designs a program tailored to overcome obstacles and speed progress. As parents go through the program, they become more experienced as guides to their child and are able to reduce their need for a consultant.

Can you work with families who do not live near you?

Yes. Since the RDI Program is designed to be implemented in the home by parents, nearly all of it can be managed easily via “distance consulting” using videotaping and internet access. For families living outside the United States, please click here for international program options.

Is there any research showing that RDI® is effective?

Yes, please visit: www.rdiconnect.com for the latest published research on RDI.

How long can I expect to use RDI® with my child?

The RDI® Program has been described as a marathon rather than a sprint, meaning the goals of promoting healthy development are long-term. Most families use their RDI training over many years as their child progresses through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.

Is RDI® expensive?

Compared to other therapies, RDI® is cost-effective. Instead of paying a professional an hourly rate, you’re investing in yourself and your own abilities to produce results with your child. You’ll use what you learn every day in a way that naturally fits your family’s lifestyle and yields tremendously rewarding results.

Do you accept health insurance?

Yes, my services are partially covered by most private insurance plans. Please contact my office for details.

To learn more about RDI® visit www.rdiconnect.com. You can also email or call us at 253-639-7146 with your questions, or to request a free information packet.

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